Ms. Teruko Ikeda

(photo by Narumi Matsuo)

Ms. Teruko Ikeda is the heart and soul of the ICT training program. Having a genuine desire to be of service to people with disabilities, this lady envisioned an international program that would enable blind and visually impaired individuals to acquire the necessary ICT skills in order for them to become leaders in their respective countries. With this benevolent vision, she sponsored the first ICT training in 2004. From that time forward, she has graciously provided support for the yearly international ICT training.

Apart from providing support to the program, Ms. Teruko Ikeda also makes it a point to personally know each trainee. Whenever possible, Ms. Ikeda takes time to meet and interact with the participants of the ICT training.

The entire Teruko Ikeda ICT Group is grateful to Ms. Teruko Ikeda for establishing this program and for giving each member the opportunity to become leaders and advocates in the field of Information-Communications Technology, and to serve not only as sources of information but, more significantly, as channels of enlightenment and hope to blind, visually impaired, and sighted people altogether.

Japan Braille Library

The Japan Braille Library (JBL) is a special private library in Tokyo, Japan. JBL provides services to blind and low vision individuals as well as to people who are unable to read standard printed materials. JBL is one of the biggest and oldest libraries for the
blind in Japan. The library hosts a huge collection of braille books, large-print books, talking books, and digital publications.

The Japan Braille Library is the main organization that assists Ms. Teruko Ikeda in providing the necessary funding and support for the training program. The international committee of JBL is responsible for selecting the individuals who would attend the annual ICT training. The international committee also works together with the organizers in ensuring the overall success of the event.


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