Audio Recordings of Windows 7 Discussion in the 2010 Training

Here is a set of recordings of a discussion about the use of the Windows 7 environment with the JAWS screen reader. The discussion was done by Mr. David Hathaway during the 2010 intermediate training. The recordings were created and edited by Delgerbayar Erdenesambuu.

The recordings are contained in a zip file. There are two recordings in the zip file, and both are in mp3 format.

Download the 2010 Windows 7 Discussion (zip file, 36.6 MB)

Audio Recordings of HTML and CSS Discussions in the 2010 Training

We would like to share a set of audio recordings of discussions about HTML and CSS. These discussions were done during the 2010 Advanced Training. You might find these recordings useful if you are new to HTML and CSS and you would like to learn the steps in building a website.

The discussions were done by Mr. David Hathaway. The recordings were shared by Fandy Dawenan and edited by Nguyen Duc Anh Minh.

Each discussion is contained in a zip file. The recordings are in MP3 format.


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