Mr. Wong Yoon Loong and Ms. Christina Ann Lau

From the beginning to the end of the yearly ICT training, Mr. Wong Yoon Loong and Ms. Christina Ann Lau make themselves available to facilitate and ensure the success of the event. As members of the non-Japanese staff of the Japan Braille Library, Mr. Wong and Ms. Lau are in-charge of organizing each stage of the training program in Malaysia.

Mr. Wong and Ms. Christina are responsible for identifying the best schedule of the annual training and for determining the most suitable contents of each course. In addition, they disseminate information about the training to various Asian countries, conduct the interviews with the applicants, and submit their recommendations to the international committee tasked in the selection of trainees.

Once the list of trainees are identified, Mr. Wong and Ms. Christina assist the trainees in all travel-related concerns. They also manage the preparation for the venue, the acquisition of training equipment, the staff and volunteers, and the meals and other needs of the trainers and trainees during the entire event. To top all these, the ever-dynamic couple joins the group in savoring enjoyable and memorable times.

The entire Teruko Ikeda ICT Group is forever thankful to Mr. Wong Yoon Loong and Ms. Christina Ann Lau for all their hard work and support during each annual training. Their warmth and loving presence make every training an experience worth treasuring.


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